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Eco cleaning products and natural body care infused with delicious essential oils and botanicals

Dream Eco products are handmade and unique 
- the complete natural range 
for home and body

Our natural cleaning products cover every area of your home or business - floors, bathrooms, laundry and all surfaces. In three divine scents and formulations, our eco cleaners deliver a hygienic, sparkling home imbued with a gorgeous lingering scent that sings ‘freshly cleaned’.

Our Scents

Cinnamon is an antibiotic, antimicrobial and antifungal wonder

Spicy cinnamon has strong antiparasitic and antiviral properties, while smelling amazing. It can relieve headaches and promote relaxation, as well as infusing your home with a warm, musky smell.
Uplifting tangerine cleanses and purifies.

Aromatic citral has strong antimicrobial properties and is an excellent insect repellent

You’ll know zesty lemongrass as a cooking herb in Asian food, but it contains an amazing compound called citral. Aromatic citral has strong antimicrobial properties and is an excellent insect repellent. It also attracts bees, so is environmentally friendly, plus it’s an effective natural deodoriser.

The zingy scent is known to help with anxiety and insomnia, and may relieve tension headaches. Combine with lime for a powerful cleansing duo.

Pine oil also has a long history that dates back to ancient Greek times

Its pure essential oil provides antibacterial qualities and leaves your home smelling fresh. Pine oil is a natural deodoriser, eliminating the microbes which cause odour and contamination. It can even kill airborne pathogens like influenza and common cold viruses! We combine it with sweet orange, a mood booster and natural antidepressant, with an ability to lift mental negativity and promote feelings of joy.

Our Products

Surface Spray

Finally, an all-natural fly spray that works!

Find out why our customers call this the wonder cleaner! Fly Off Surface Cleaner is a non-toxic alternative to nasty chemical fly sprays that really delivers and smells incredible! Our best selling natural fly spray harnesses the power of peppermint and eucalyptus to repel flies and insects. Plus, it removes grubby fly spots from walls and ceilings and prevents their return. Great for use on surfaces outside to discourage flies, it’s ideal to have at hand for your next BBQ. The added bonus of this super product is that it also deters ants! Spray your surfaces once and you won’t see an ant for days.

The high quality, natural ingredients are non-toxic, kind to you and the environment, and leave a blast of eucalyptus and peppermint scent.

Natural stain remover, natural mould cleaner

Our customers return to this time and time again for effective deep cleaning on stained walls and ceilings. Banish stubborn stains like nicotine, clean and polish stainless steel; our natural Stain & Mould Surface Cleaner gets stuck in to make tough cleaning a breeze. This product can also be classed as a heavy duty cleaning product - it is that good!

Body Bars & Natural Laundry Powder

We infuse our beautiful body bars
with nothing but the best

Our natural body care products are palm oil free, vegan, contain no parabens or sodium lauryl sulphate, no synthetic preservatives and are not tested on animals. Using unique blends of uplifting essential oils, our luxurious scents do not overwhelm. Long lasting with contemporary fragrance combinations, they leave a lingering, subtle imprint of natural ingredients that love your skin.

They are good for you and the planet – our handmade shampoo bars, soap-free body wash bars and body lotion bars come wrapped in reusable beeswax to reduce single-use plastic. Use our Dream Eco products with total peace of mind that you are doing the right thing for your home, your body and the environment.

Perfect for sensitive skin,
it contains only natural ingredients

Choose our eco laundry powder in a variety of natural, sweet smelling scents - perfect for sensitive skin, it contains only natural ingredients. Suitable for hot, cold or warm washes and totally fine for soaking; once you try natural laundry powder you’ll never go back! We offer 1kg refill bags across our full eco powder range. Plus you can replenish your cleaning products at our refilleries, where we sell in 5, 10 and 20 litre container sizes.

New hand wash bars

NEW clay hand wash bars - Total Luxury

We wanted to create a solid hand wash bar that would really moisturize, nourish and replenish after frequent use of hand sanitizer. Our eco product development team have formulated three totally unique hand wash bars using natural earth clay, a wonderful mineral well known for its amazing cleansing and purifying properties. We add vitamin E for added nourishment and coco butter to give a creamy texture.

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All our eco cleaning and natural body care products make incredibly thoughtful gifts (although you’ll be tempted to keep them for yourself!) You may want to include a wooden soap dish in your gift or use it in your own home. We have limited edition Riverwood native timber soap dishes and are just about to launch an exciting new collaboration - contemporary soap dishes made from reclaimed wood, by local creatives.

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