I have heard great reviews about your floor cleaners, what makes them so good?

The specially created combinations of essential oils makes them powerful. The orange essential oil that we use is particularly good for wooden floors as it cuts through grease and doesn’t leave streaky marks.

Can the Fly Off be used as a multiple purpose spray?

Yes, it certainly can. The eucalyptus and peppermint stays on the surface longer than any alcohol based products which makes it last longer.

How long does the Fly Off deter flies for?

Ages! This product has been designed to dissolve into droplets so you spray fly spots on walls, ceilings lamp shades etc and wipe with a damp cloth, the flies will stay away for months. It is our best selling product

Can you use the stain and mould on white tiles?

It is perfect for showers, just spray and let it sit for a few minutes then wash off with warm water. This is really a heavy duty cleaner and is also amazing for polishing stainless steel and getting rid of limescale in addition to stain and mould removal.

Why are your products more expensive than supermarket brands?

Our products are not heavily diluted with water, they are full of powerful natural ingredients that really cleans without you having to use a lot. When you compare one cap of our product to x 3 times the amount for a supermarket brand to get the same result, the cost is comparable.
Same with the sprays, 1-2 sprays with our product vs 3-4 for supermarket brands

I really need a glass cleaner, do you have one?

Our Dish also doubles as a glass cleaner as it has acetic acid, which is great for cleaning glass and not leaving streak marks.

Is the Laundry powder as good as other brands?

This product is tried and tested. We did a blind test against 5 other non environmentally friendly brands (with chemicals) and our product had the same results as the others. Of course, huge upside in that it is totally chemical free, non toxic and all that plus it smells beautiful due to the essential oils. The beauty of this product is that it doesn’t clump, there is an ingredient that makes it actually fizz so that it all dissolves when water hits it – also known to clean your machine!

Do your body bars foam?

Yes they do due to the foaming pallet in coconut kernel – its natual and sustainable so won’t foam like other brands – don’t forget it is soap free, no parabens, SLS etc.
So better for you and better for the planet.

How long do the Shampoo bars last?

About the same as a shower gel you might be used to buying – about 1 month

Do you need a conditioner as well as the shampoo bars?

No you don’t due to the high level of conditioning oils already in the shampoo bars, it is the perfect balance of the 2

What is the concentration of the sprays and cleaners?

If you imagine spraying your bench twice, instead of say 3-4 times with other brands. Same with the cleaning liquids, ours uses one cap to 3 of a supermarket brand

Do the products degrade in water?

Yes they biodegrade beautifully in water, and have been tested for this. They are also fine in septic tanks.