How to Declutter Your Home Is It Possible With Kids?

We understand it might seem impossible to declutter your home. Research shows that decluttering your home actually decreases cortisol levels (that’s the chemical in your body that makes you feel stressed). A cluttered house can also make you feel like you don’t have everything under control.

Worryingly, crowded homes may contribute to children’s inability to regulate their emotions and behavior. But you know this because it affects you too.
So is there a trick to easily learn how to declutter your home?


Declutter one day at a time

This isn’t a project you can do in one day. While you can make a dent in it with a big effort, this is really a long term project. There are a couple of strategies- one is that you throw/ recycle/ give away one thing a day for as long as required. Another one is the ‘Minimalism Game’, where you remove one thing on day one of the months, and add one thing a day, so that by the 31 st, you’ll remove 31 things…. That’s 496 things!


Involve the kids

Get your children involved. Ask them to contribute to the things they don’t play with/ fit/ use anymore. Even better, tell them that you’ll donate the goods to your local op-shop so that their old stuff goes to someone in need. You’ll be surprised by how giving children can be (and also, how resistant they may be to removing some fairly innocuous things from their lives).


Imagine how accomplished you will feel

To be able to open your wardrobe and see clothes you actually wear, hanging tidily. Easily opening and closing drawers that aren’t packed to overflowing with t-shirts, or broken kitchen implements, or dead batteries. Going into the garage and being able to access all your car doors easily.
This kind of clutter takes up space in your brain and it’s tremendously empowering to remove it. It gives you more energy and it makes you feel like you’ve achieved something. So if you’ve been putting off decluttering your home, start today, with just one object (maybe even start with your plastic cupboard). Even a flood starts with a single drop of rain.

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