Eco Friendly Toilet Cleaner Bombs That Work (Without Effort!)

Cleaning the toilet isn’t fun. It’s also a task that uses chemicals like bleach,
which can be harmful to the environment. So Dream Eco Products have created
toilet bombs- a simple way to clean your toilet effectively, safely and without

scrubbing for hours.

What is in our eco-friendly toilet cleaner bombs?
These toilet bombs contain sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), citric acid (found in lemons), tapioca starch (to make the balls stick together), and coco glucoside. The coco glucoside is a product that helps de-grease and it’s a by-product from coconut oil – no palm oil here!

How do these toilet bombs work?
Simply pop one of these toilet bombs in the toilet bowl and leave for as long as possible.
Overnight is best as this gives it time to work its magic. Then, give the bowl a quick scrub and watch the stains disappear. You can also pop one of these in the cistern to dislodge build-up and dirt.
The sodium bicarbonate and citric acid work together to de-scale, de-rust, and easily eat away at any stains and build-up. The citric acid is a natural whitener, so it leaves the bowl sparkling clean and white.

Three scents available
There are three different fragrances available; all using essential oils to not only impart scent but also to harness natural cleaning powers. For instance, cinnamon and tangerine, one of our most popular scents, is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.


Our lemongrass and lime range
is great for smelly bathrooms as lemongrass is a natural deodoriser, leaving your bathroom smelling clean. The pine and sweet orange range are fresh smelling and naturally anti-bacterial.

Toilet cleaner safe for septic tanks
Because we don’t use bleach or surfactants, our toilet bombs are safe for septic tank systems and the natural environment. So you can easily clean your toilet, knowing it’s safe in all septic systems.

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